Cedarhurst is a station on the Long Island Rail Road's Far Rockaway Branch in Cedarhurst, in Nassau County, New York, United States. The station is located at Cedarhurst Avenue and Chestnut Street, one block west of Central Avenue, and is 20.9 miles (33.6 km) from Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan.

History[edit | edit source]

Cedarhurst Station was originally built by the South Side Railroad of Long Island in July 1869. Three years later, the rival Long Island Rail Road also built its own "Ocean Point Depot" in July 1872 for the former Cedarhurst Cut-Off just northeast of Cedarhurst Station. After the LIRR acquired the South Side Railroad, both the Ocean Point Depot and the LIRR's depot were abandoned in June 1876. The LIRR's old station was moved to Far Rockaway in August 1881, while the SSRRLI's Ocean Point Depot re-opened in June 1887, then was greatly re-modeled in May 1888. A third Cedarhurst Station was built in 1913.

Platform and Track Configuration[edit | edit source]

This station has two high-level side platforms each 10 cars long. The east platform, adjacent to Track 1, is generally used by northbound or inbound trains. The west platform, adjacent to Track 2, is generally used by southbound or Far Rockaway-bound trains. The Far Rockaway Branch has two tracks at this location.

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